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The fabulous selection of carpeting flooring offered by Granite Bay Flooring and Design attest to carpets renewed popularity. What's not to like about a flooring that is comfortable, beautiful, affordable and easy to care for.

Among the carpet offerings at Granite Bay, you will find a range of options that match your style and décor. We maintain competitive pricing, while representing preferred manufacturers including:

  • Shaw
  • Camelot Carpet Mills
  • Dixie Home
  • Fabrica
  • Masland Carpets
  • Royalty Carpet Mills

What's your carpet style?

The three familiar styles of carpeting are cut-pile, loop-pile and cut-and-loop-pile.

Cut pile carpeting has different forms. Plush or velvet pile is a dense and soft; it shows footprints and vacuum sweeps; it can stand up to medium-light traffic. Saxony pile carpeting has a curled twist that makes it hardwearing and footprint hiding. Frieze has tightly twisted yarns that curl over giving it an informal look that wears well. The inch-plus length yearns of shag carpeting are immediately recognizable. Shag is suitable for a low foot traffic area to preserve its loose, unkempt look. Mini-shag has a slightly shorter pile and more dense pile, making it easier to care for and better wearing.
Everyone is familiar with a Berber carpet – the poster child for level loop-pile carpeting. Multi-level loop pile combines lower and higher loops offering a textured, interesting surface. Loop-pile carpeting is long- and hard-wearing, making it the choice for commercial applications.

Cut-and-loop pile styles combine cut-pile yarns with tighter loop-pile yarns. Sculptured Saxony carpet combines slightly longer cut yarns with lower loop pile yarns. Sculptured shag has a longer, wilder cut yarn alongside the lower loop pile. Level cut-loop carpets mix cut and closed pile of the same height, often in patterns. Cut-and-loop pile carpets wear well and hide footmarks.

Carpet Is Easy To Take Care Of

Carpet manufacturers have refined their materials to the point where polyester carpet has soil repellent and release incorporated into the carpet fiber. Maintenance has been reduced to regular vacuuming, spot cleaning where necessary and periodic professional cleaning.

For all your carpet flooring needs visit our showroom in Roseville, CA and speak with a carpet flooring specialist.

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