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Granite Bay Flooring and Design in Roseville, CA


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Tile from Granite Bay Flooring and Design


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Acacia Valley Alder 6X36
Action Advance
Alpine Amaretto
Angeles Apex 9X47
Archive Era 11X23
Barn Field 6X35
Beach Wood Erie
Bordeaux Chameau BD02
Cabo Coast 13X13
Castlegate Beige CG15
Chronicle Chronicle Era - 12X24
Concrete Chic Current Cream CC65
Consulate Concierge Sand 12X24 CS06
Contessa Dama Chamfered - 12X24
Continental Slate Asian Black  Mosaic 3X3 CS53
Danya Stream DY01
Dignitary Eminence Grey 12X24 DR10
Downtown Broadway
Dunham Bukhara 12X23
EC1 Bank 12X24 J101
Emblem Brown 7X20 EM04
E-Quarry Beige
Esplanade Alley 12X24
Eurasia Eurasia Bianco - 12X24
Ever Artic Unpolished 12X24 EV03
Exhibition Black 12X24 EX05
Fabrique Blanc Linen 12X24 P685
Facade Graphite - 12X24
Giza Khafre - 13X13
Hangar Ash - 12X23
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